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A Wedding to Remember

It warms my heart that I get to prepare for my sisters wedding this December. I have the best venue "my backyard" where I can do anything I want and have all the time to decorate... I have all the supplies I needed for the decorations... thanks to Amazon, Temu and Dollar Tree. It's all about the theme and design of the wedding. Preparing for the wedding is not just about the decorations, it's also about the program. Being a Filipino, there's a lot of traditions that I would like to incorporate at my sisters wedding. Some of these traditions are the exchanges and blessings of the following:


Kandila (Candle Lighting)- Unity

Arras (Coins) - symbol of their fidelity and help

Belo (Veil) - symbolizing the new life of purity

Laso (Cord)- keep the bond of their love


Money Dance - traditional dance at Filipino weddings. The sponsors pin money on the couple's dress while dancing

I cannot wait for this wonderful and intimate event. #familyislove #filipinowedding #filipinotraditions #kasalan

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